About the Author 


Welcome to my blog. My name is Veronica. Vivid Felicity is the little title that centers around my creative outlet. I currently reside in Colorado with my husband David of 19 years, and our 6 year old Son -Samy Lucas.

This is the place where I share my love of all things stitchy. I have been sewing on and off for years. About 7 years ago, I began sewing regularly, and more recently, daily. I’ve also discovered I’m a generational quilter and sewist. Which fuels my creative obsession. My great great grandmother passed these skills on to her daughters and so on. So much of this rich history seemed to had been lost in my small family. I’m so excited to be able to contribute to this artistic tradition, and learn more of my families rich history.

My love of sewing and quilting has opened many doors. Making me grateful to have the opportunity to meet some of the many quilters, fabric designers, and authors I’ve admired for years. I have to say I look forward to seeing what the future holds for me and my small family, and what other opportunities will come my direction.

So welcome to my new blog site, feel free to have a look around. Links to my current media sites are at the bottom of the page. Thank you for stopping by. Happy Sewing 😘!

xo, Veronica

*If you are interested in sponsoring, commissioning, or are in need of customized work, & have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email.

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