Hey hey! How is everyone?? It’s been way to long since I’ve last posted. I really miss you guys! First things first. ‘What happened and Where are you?’ seem to be the most common questions I’m receiving these days. Well I’ll tell ya. I gained employment. I have an honest to goodness 9 to 5. It’s easy & I like it. I was completely & totally happy being a SAHM, and I certainly wasn’t looking an opportunity. Then a family friend extended an offer, so I thought I’d see where that might lead. It’s taking some time to adjust, but it’s working out splendidly. Now I’m trying to get a routine down so I can get back to sewing as soon as possible. The best thing about all this? I have a little extra spending cash for fabric. Yes! These new fabric lines have been calling out to me, and I just don’t know where to begin (so tag me on IG people!). I have so many ideas, and the inspiration online has been mighty good!

Speaking of inspiration.. I have a little something to share with you all! Melisa over at Cozy PROJECT Magazine reached out, and she let me have a look at their amazing shop. Well folks, I have so many wonderful things to say! I love everything about it. Sooo many projects and products to choose from. Not to mention running into a handful of my friends and their projects in her magazine as well! For instance..

Tadaaa! My very sweet and long time friend, Minki Kim of Minki’s Work Table has this great Picture Perfect Bag digital printout available. I just love her work, and I can personally recommend her patterns from having worked with her many times before. They are so easy to understand and create. Then I came across this Gingerbread House Placemat

.. luuurve! It’s created by another friend of mine, Sedef Imer over at Down Grapevine Lane. I think everyone should have a few of these made up. Can you imagine a little gingham and floral fabrics in this cutie? Perfect.

Of course when I saw this All Ears Cushion pattern..

I was like Oh My Geeee! I thought it was perfect for the upcoming Easter Holiday! It belongs to no other than Amy Sinibaldi of NanaCompany, whom I’ve loved for many many years. I’ve worked with her patterns for a long while as well, and I’m pretty sure you all know how amazing and wonderful she is.

So as I kept scrolling, I ran into this Garden Star Bed Runner by Marg Low…

..and thought it was such a great idea. I love runners of all kinds. This one is just beautiful. One last thing I found were video tutorials. Particularly this Quilt As You Go video by Kim Bradley, which was just oodles of fun to watch and follow along with!

Sooo many goodies to be had over at Cozy PROJECTS mag, you have got to check it out! Well written patterns, amazing direction in the vid tutorials, and why not grab a couple of other products while your at it.

Thank you Melisa, for the opportunity to scroll through and try out your wonderful products! Your shop is just lovely! And thank you to my readers for stopping by! Have a wonderful Weeknd & Happy Holidays!!