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How’s it going out there? Hopefully you have been sewing up a storm! I, however, have been out of commission for a few weeks after being assaulted. Yes, you heard right. The culprit you ask? My rotary cutter, the evil adversary of the sewing community. If you haven’t already heard or don’t follow my IG account, that sucker hit the edge of my acrylic ruler, jumping over the top and catching my finger tip. Yikes!!! It was quite an ordeal as we rushed to UC and dealt with all the gory details. Not fun. Anyway, I’m now able to move my finger and every bump is nearly pain free, though it is a little stiff and a bit raw. But my finger is healing, and I can sew again!! Whoop!!!

Let me share a little surprise I got from a very sweet friend! Do you know Lauren Wright of Molly and Mama? Yes? Fist Bump! No? You’ll want to! Well, I once posted the need for a little friend for my doll house shelf. Let me show you..

Cute right? Husbands can sometimes be the sweetest guys! You see that little attic space up there? That’s the perfect place for little friends, don’t you think? I’m obsessed with Maileg & Bunny Girl, have you heard of Maileg and Mini Bunny Girl? ..

Ugh, so adorable right?!?? Well until I decide which one I want, I thought a handmade friend would be great. Then my sweet friend Lauren offered up one of her Felted Bunnies. So we did a little swap! Ready?! Let me show you..

Tada! Isn’t it darling?? A sleeping baby Bunny, a carrot sleeping bag, a matchbox bed, blanket and pillow?? I’m dying! It’s just the loveliest little bunny! You can grab the pattern from the link here. She also sent over a pretty mini quilt..

Goodness! She is a serious talent. It’s just soo pretty! This is her Love Heart Mini Quilt! It’s a free tutorial on her blog. I have got to make one of these, once I get my act together ;-). Such a gorgeous package. Her patterns are so fun and whimsical. Check her out!

I also have to share another little package I received from Michaelanne Neal, or known as zmama03 on IG..

Don’t you just love it?! She sent me a little mouse and mug rug! How cute is this mouse?!! I really love how fluffy it is, and those ears? Oh my gosh. Now I have two little friends for my doll house. I have to say, they’re getting along splendidly. And that mugrug is perfect! I know exactly where that’s going ;-). Thank You Michaelanne!

Well, I’m off to do a little brainstorming, and hopefully see some sewing action today! Meanwhile, I’ll be playing with my bunny & mouse. It is my first doll house you know. Thanks for stopping by & stay tuned ;-)!

..we might need some furnishings & a little fresh paint..

Happy Sewing!

xo, Veronica


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