Heartfelt Gift

A few days ago, as I was picking up Samy from school, I had a thought. He’s doing so well now! We got home, we unpacked his backpack and were going through his homework. He was so happy he had passed his spelling test! It hit me how excited he looked and how hard it was for him to get to this point.

Before this, he had been struggling with reading. He just doesn’t care for it. It’s so hard to even get him to sit down and read a simple sentence. I work with him everyday after school. Practicing spelling, reading phonics books, writing sentences, playing word games, anything just to get him to do it. It’s been such a struggle with him missing so much school -he’s just been sick so often since moving here. Making him fall way behind. He was so overwhelmed & discouraged last semester.

Mrs Pulvino, Samy’s 1st grade teacher, was working hard with him during class. Trying to get him caught up with his reading. So much so that when he finally took his benchmark test last month, he passed and is now at the same reading level as the other kids! Yay!! I mean, I know we’ll have to keep working at it, and can’t let up. But I feel so grateful and honestly a little relieved that he has such a wonderful teacher this year! Last year was just a nightmare, no help whatsoever. However here, right now, and the reason I feel absolutely blessed, is having such a great staff that’s willing to help my Son succeed. There is nothing more encouraging, than seeing my Son excelling in his acedemics. He’s a real handful. No thanks to two grateful parents who adore him and feel so thankful just to have a son. We spoil him to no end. Not always the best choice obviously. It seeps into other areas of his life. He is just so determined to get his way sometimes, but this year has already taught him so much. Mrs. Pulvino is one of the main reasons! So, I thought, and thought, and thought some more. The more I did, the more I realized I’d like to show our gratitude somehow. What did I do? I made her this..

A Big Sister Totebag from Atsuko Matsuyama’s Happy Flower Quilts book, translated by Lindsay Fair of Zakka Workshop & Kristyne Czepuryk of Pretty By Hand (thank you again for the copy girls 😘). You can read more about it here. I used Jera Brandvig‘s High Tea Collection (thank you Jera 😘). Here’s a shot of my choices, I forgot to get a snapshot of the inside of the bag..

I was working on it last night, and I really hope she loves it. It was so hard to let it go of! But it helped haul all of Samys classmates Valentines treat bags for tomorrow! Along with Mrs. Pulvino’s Ferrero Rocher chocolates, cute washi tape, a set of Orla Kiely mini notebooks, and the treat bag Samy put together for her. Whew! She’s all setup for Valentines Day! I really wish I would have taken a photo of it all. I had to deliver everything to school this morning though, so I didn’t have a chance.

Oh! I also improvised by adding little appliqué strawberries from the book. The pattern called for ready made Atsuko M. cherry handles, which of course I didn’t have on hand. With a little Lecien Cosmo floss, it really made them stand out..

All in all, I feel good giving her a heartfelt gift. Something pretty and useful! She deserves it. We’ll see you tomorrow on IG? It’s almost Valentines Day!

xo, Veronica