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Hello everyone. Thank you all for dropping in for our little tea party blog hop, where it is now my turn. Yay! Let me first extend my deepest gratitude to Jera Brandvig and Lecien Fabrics for including me. Thank You! Next if you’d like to know a little more about me, click the About the Author tab above. You can also find links there to my Instagram account and other social media. If your not familiar with my work, you can find all my makes on IG. Have a look around, click, and don’t forget to subscribe and follow for my updates and inspiration  ;^)

It’s such an honor in having been allowed to join such an amazingly talented group of people, who love Jera’s fabric line. I’m also one of thousands who adore Lecien fabrics. I’m partial to their florals, strawberries, ginghams, and pastels. For years I’ve collected Japanese textiles, follow the culture, and love seeing the works of quilters and sewists. Not to mention being inspired by other fellow enthusiasts. It’s not surprising I came upon Lecien. Now it’s so exciting to be working with Jera’s first fabric line for Lecien – High Tea. After Jera and I spoke, she sent me a copy of her fabric prints. Let me just say, narrowing down my choices has never been so hard! Have you seen them? Have a look and you’ll see why..

photo by Lecien Fabrics

Isn’t it beautiful? I literally gasped once I saw it. When the time came to choose, well, honestly I just couldn’t. I figured I’d pick my very favorite prints in colors I knew I’d love. After sending my choices over to Jera, my excitement grew. A few days later, I went back to look at my choices and plan my project. It was then that I realized this was one of those times I failed to restrain myself. (Face in hand) This happens when I get a little over excited or star struck. Has this ever happened to you? Because if it has, I’d love to know how you handled it. Seriously. Anyway back to what was telling you, my package arrived from Jera a few days later. I went through my fabrics, and read the sweet note she included, along with a couple of goodies. All that embarrassment vanished, and all I could do was gaze at the beautiful set of fabrics before me. These were my choices..

A bit overzealous with the amounts of course, but OH MY GOODNESS am I in love! The teeny tiny florals, sweet roses, yummy strawberries, cute tea pots and tea cups, gorgeous colors.. I could go on and on here. Jera did a beautiful job with her first fabric collection! Ideas poured from my head on to paper, and pretty soon I had pages filled with notes for everything I wanted to create. Though by now I had so much going on and so many upcoming changes, I had to choose something I knew I could be proud of.  So I created something to help inspire dreaming of more future makes. Are you ready?

Dreamy. Ruffley. Soft. Relaxing. Perfect.

It’s a good size for propping yourself up in bed, enjoying a cup of hot tea, and reading your favorite book. Don’t you think?

A few details such as a little sewing illustration..

..some patchwork, subtle hand quilting, inspiring embroidery..

This really made me happy. Of course the little tag was a must when I saw the selvage.

And I just have to share a closeup of one of the strawberry fabrics in this line..

I adore it so. I also made a little impromptu coaster which I posted up on IG. Be sure to check that out. So. have you ordered your High Tea yet? Pretty sure it’s going to be gone. It’s really so beautiful.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed my post today, and as always, left you feeling inspired. My sweet friend, Jera, I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to repay your generosity and kindness, Thank You! And Lecien Fabrics, your textiles are remarkable and continue to inspire my work on a daily basis. Thank You!

If your behind on the tour, here’s a list of our line up..


Be sure to come back for my next post. I promise it’s going to be fun, so make sure you subscribe!

Happy Sewing, Veronica


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