Well Traveled Sewing Book

The rumors are true. I have blog. Yeah, I know. Slacker. (We’ve been watching Back to the Future. Well, Samy has. A lot. I hear it playing in the background). Anyway. I have something I’d like to share that I really enjoyed  doing this past week!

I made a Well Traveled Sewing Book. Woohoo. And you know what else ? I really love it! So let me just give you a tour. Yes?

Here’s the front and back covers..

I really wanted a “sewing” themed fabric for the outside and handles. The “hand sewn” hexie detail seemed perfect. I’m not sure of the handles though, I may change them out. How about some details?

I stitched, ripped out, and re-stitched my logo lable & patchwork 3x, and twice for the fabric button placement, until I was happy. I’m so glad I did.

Here’s a look at the insides. This is the inside of the front cover, & the first “page”..

..the inside of the first page. I used my cherished fabric scraps, some of which Amy was kind enough to share with me. Yay!

Again my seam ripper and I were joined at the hips (if seam rippers had hips.. funny). I just couldn’t decide on colors, but the results were satisfying. I wish I knew the name of this berry fabric. I’d buy yardage!

..Next is the back of the first page and the front of the second page..

The pockets are from a recycled baby girls dress I fell in love with. (I’m grateful I have son. We’d be trouble if you get my drift!). They’ll be holding a couple of “heavier” sewing items.

..the inside of my second page. The use of clear vinyl was inspired from my Pouch With A View (details on IG). It makes a great pocket for my embroidery threads & Hexies I think, or anything I’d like to view immediately. And of course the pleated pocket. Gotta love that!

And finally the back of the second page, and inside of the back cover.

Again, I used some of my most cherished fabrics. Sparingly, I simply don’t have much of them left & some of them are hard to find now.

Over all, I love the pattern! It was well worth becoming BFFs with my seam ripper. My fingers were crying out in anguish, but my heart was gratefully fluttering after.

I still want to personalize it even more. Buttons, hand sewn tags, embroidery, all that jazz. But I figure those will come when I’m sitting around (not likely, probably on road trips), looking for something to sew. If your looking for something adorable to hold your sewing items (aside from a sew-together-bag), I’d say this is the perfect one.

Tag me on IG if you make one. I always love being inspired by you all. Hope you enjoyed looking through my book. Happy Sewing dear friends :•).

<3, V