Strawberry Dreams

For months now, I’ve been trying to make the connection between strawberries and my late grandmother. Aside from remembering her love of strawberry ice cream, and other random “strawberry” memories, the rest is a mystery. Still, they hold a special place for me. Of course they’re also delish and so darn pretty! I pick them up at the grocery store, I tried growing them (without success), have a few items with strawberry themes, and now they’ve crossed over into my fabric collection.

I finished a project I’ve had on my to-do list for some time. My very own, and very first pillow cover.

Not too shabby for my first try, right?  Yesterday was my grandmas’ birthday, and I felt the need to make something special to match my thoughts. One of my vintage sheets with strawberries was my choice. A cross between nanaCompany and Dottie Angel was my inspiration, a general love for pillows and the desire to fill our home with pretty and useful things, pushed me to finally get this first one done. How about some close ups?

I really loved adding this pretty strip of cheater print patchwork and girly lace.

It’s even hiding on the binding in two places. See if you can spot the other piece.

I also added a makeshift tag from some ribbon I received for a birthday swap last year (I think it was last year?), and made a tiny strawberry patch lable.

It feels to good to do some selfish sewing once in awhile. Now to decide on fabrics for my Husband! (..eeesh!)