For the love of Nana

It’s Christmas season!

Time for snowy weather, evergreen decorations, popcorn strings, and sparkly things. It makes me feel giddy, romantic, and inspired. Every year when Christmas rolls around, I realize how behind I am with all the projects I’d like to accomplish before christmas arrives. Each time I find my list about as twice as long as the year before. Well, I’m happy to say -it happen again. Ok, not happy about it. More like, why do I keep allowing this to happen?

This year I’ve managed to make two whole Christmas pillows. Two. It’s sad. I’m slow, and I’m trying to come to terms with my poky turtle speed when it comes to sewing. That’s not the only reason though. I find my head buried in one particular blog almost daily, instead of sewing. Amy Sinibaldi of nanaCompany. It’s not even a recent occurance, more like since I found her blog in 2012. Yeah. Don’t judge. I can’t say enough about her blog. You’ve seen her work, right? There’s a daily routine I have going on. I go to my sewing space, stare madly at all my lovely fabric, pull the ones I love, and then do it again another three times. When I’m still not happy, I pull up Amy’s blog for inspiration. Before I know it, I’ve been reading for far to long but I’m inspired! Finally, I’m sewing madly, and I’m completely happy. Serious mad love for all things Nana.

Recently, I had planned on making another pillowcover, like the one I made last year..

All hand pieced, hand quilted, hand embroidered.. I love that pillow. Same thing. Couldn’t decide of fabrics. Well about the same time, Amy posted a tutorial for it (here), and there was nothing stopping me.

Tada! Fancy. It only took me three whole days. That’s right, three. Why? Samy, home chores, errands, holiday prepping …the list goes on and on. Back to my pillow..

All in all, I love the way it turned out.

I really want to make one more. A total of three. One for Samy, one for Huni, and one for myself.

I’m not sure who this one belongs to yet, but I’m sure it’ll end up somewhere I least expect. Maybe the next one will be mine. Until then, you can find me over on my iPad, reading Amy’s blog posts. Again. Crazy stalker? Maybe. I’d like to think I’m just a huge admirer of her work. 🙂