Past Creativity

Seasons have been passing by so fast right now, it’s seems near impossible to get a sewing project finished. Of course it hasn’t stopped me, but it’s harder to get photos posted up on IG. I’ve received quite a few emails for past projects, with such sweet comments! Thank you to all of you loyal followers who still love my work. Since I’ve had so many lovely and inspiring comments lately, I decided it would be fun to revisit some of my personal favorites. Ready for lots of photos? Here we go..


I thoroughly enjoyed that, how about you? Which one was your favorite?


Love for Minki Kim

Hi! Welcome to my new blog site. First of all, if your looking for my older tutorials, they’re still up over on blogger –  Vivid Felicity. I’ll make them available here as soon as I get the hang of this site!

Secondly, have you ever been intimidated when swapping? Well I found myself in this situation recently. I have to say, it’s not the first time, but this is the first I’ve felt under qualified with my chosen partner. If you follow my IG account (vividfelcity), you know I recently helped conduct a swap with a couple of my dearest friends Ruthie (threadofhearts) and Ronya (ronyatamiko), called Papered Threads. The swap group is fairly new, and we just finished up the first round. So fun! These girls are amazing! Not to mention -the girls who joined and made this first swap happen, are also some of the most talented people I have the pleasure of knowing! ..A HUGE THANK YOU to all of you who participated!

Well, when we partnered up, mine was Minki Kim of Minki’s Work Table. She’s a dear friend of mine, and I’m so lucky to have snagged her in time for the swap! If you haven’t seen her work, may I say – “What are you waiting for?!” Once you check it out, come back and you’ll understand why I felt intimidated. She’s nothing short of amazing. Seriously. She’s been featured in Haute Bags Mag, has recently published a book (of which I’m dying to get an autographed copy), and still manages to create for quilt market AND Lecien Fabrics. How she found time to join in on our tiny swap, boggles my mind. For this post, I wanted to share the mini quilt I made for this dear friend of mine. Ready to see it?

Tadaaa! Oh the love that went into creating this adorable ticker tape style mini. When I started this, it was a “just because” gift. Since we are both ginormous fans of Amy Sinibaldi of nanaCompany, and I really wanted a reason to make her version of this mini. I thought it was perfect.

I chose my absolute favorite fabrics (of course this ment strawberries were a must), and placed them on Robert Kaufman Essex linen, in flax. Sooo sumptious, perfect.

I also added a crochet dolly, and a cute button from Karen of Cream Craft Goods. Found the perfect ribbon at Target as binding..

Plus a cute tag. Love that it says ‘My Sewing Story’. It seems appropriate since my love of Japanese fabrics seem to be all I can sew with these days.

When I first put it together it looked so boring. Unfinished. Well I couldn’t decide on whether to leave it be or add a little something extra. I think this embroidered border did the job beautifully. Aurifil thread in aqua was just the right touch. And of course metallic gold hearts for the backing..


I hope Minki loves this mini, because it really is going to be hard to let go of this one. Off it goes to its new home!

Until next time my friends! Have a great weekend and happy sewing!