Dolly Book Tour

Hey there! If you don’t mind, i’m going to dispense with the usual introductions. You know where click, follow, and so forth!

So as you may already know, it’s my turn to share the project I’ve chosen to make from Dolly, a sweet little book by my dear friend Elea Lutz. It’s chalk full of scrumptious little projects for you to create. I LOVE dolls, don’t you? Well these are the best kind. Handmade, love in every stitch & eventually threadbare from years of cherished playtime. You know the type. Well when you have a sweet Dolly, you know you need accessories to go with it! But first, incase you haven’t seen it. ..more like ‘because I adore flipping through photos in this book, and dreaming of hundreds of combinations I could do for each and every project!’ ..let’s have a peek inside?

The cover alone is “mwah!” But these..

..ahhh.. so much cuteness!.. So I had my fabric all chosen for this. Of course I pick up my favorites from Elea’s Little Dolly fabric. It was a no brainer. I mean just look at how gorgeous it is..

Beautiful pinks, lavenders, aquas and yellows… The colors and prints are prefect for Dolly stuff. But I cheated. I couldn’t wait, I just had to use these right away. I’m such a huge fan of Elea’s work! Anyway, I could gush about these fabrics all day. Let me show you what I decided to make. Ready?..

Yass! I just had to make these doll face treat bags! Aren’t they adorable?! Three cute, flower haired, embroidered Dolly bags. They were just too good to pass up. I did make another project, but I really loved these, and they’re just so fun!

I couldn’t resist sharing them with you all. I will be sharing the other project, but I seriously thought these deserved center stage today. The added little hair bow tags were made by adhering the fabric to heavy card stock, and cutting them out freehand. I also made this little pup tag for myself..

Cute right? It’s also included in the patterns. Just a little something to carry in my planner everyday.  So what do you think? Don’t you just love this book?? So many cute projects to make, without a doubt, well written and easy to understand. If you don’t have a copy, grab one. These will make perfect gifts for the littles in your life this holiday season!

I hope I’ve inspired you today to try something new! If you missed any of the tour, I have a schedule below, check it out. Bear Hugs and sincere thanks to Elea Lutz -Thank You for letting me join in on the fun dear friend! As always, I adore your work, style, and it’s always an honor to create with your fabrics. And now your amazing sweet Dolly Book! What a momentous occasion, such an honor. Also to the teams over at Penny Rose Fabrics & Riley Blake Designs. You always inspire my work. Thank You So Much for such an amazing job in coodrdinating all these talents! Be sure to click over to Elea’s, I hear she’s working on a special Giveaway!

Happy Sewing Everyone, & Happy Holidays!!

xo, Veronica



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Blue Carolina Unconventional Mini Quilt Tour

Hello! Thanks for joining me for Christopher Thompson‘s Unconventional Mini Quilt Tour. The showings have been fantastic, am I right? So much talent on every handcrafted piece! I have to say I feel humbled for being asked to have joined such a spectacular group of exceptional quilters. I’ve loved seeing everyone’s Minis!

Whether you’ve been following along or just joining us, today I’ll be sharing my project using Chris’s debut fabric line, Blue Carolina for Riley Blake Designs. The collection is breathtaking with a lovely array of blues. If you didn’t catch my snapshot on IG, here’s a couple you can gaze at…

Aren’t they pretty? Okay, so I tend to be a little more partial to blues at times, but this collection is nothing short of enchanting. Seriously beautiful. All those blues and whites, with just the right amount of florals. It’s easy to be inspired by this collection. 
Unconventional was the theme, which opened up a whole new perspective for me. I came up with an idea, and went to work. Honestly I’m a little nervous sharing, after seeing all the amazing pieces already out there, but here we go…

What do you think? Personally I really love how this turned out..

…just the right amount of quilting. Did you notice the subtle pattern on the bottom? 

..and how could I not bring out this adorable Frenchy print? It was begging to become a handmade tag, so I backed it using a cream grosgrain ribbon. I do believe we’re all smitten by this cutie!

..this is a collection to gush over. Christopher did such a wonderful job curating this fabric line. If you haven’t already picked it up (you should be ordering it now), your going to need to do that. I’ll absolutely be ordering yardage of those whites and florals ;-).

Thank you so much for stopping by, I really hope you enjoyed my project. Hopefully this has inspired you to think outside the box. If you missed any of the previous posts, I’ve included a line up down below. Huge Thank You’s once again to Christopher Thompson of The Tattooed Quilter for reaching out and including me in such an amazing Mini Tour, and of course Riley Blake Designs for all the hard work they consistently do to make these events possible! 

Be sure to come back again. I have more beautiful projects in the works, and your not going to want to miss them. So subscribe here, click the menu above, look around, and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for current updates.
Happy Sewing!

xo, Veronica

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Pretty Handmades Book Showcase

Hey everyone. Welcome to my stop on Lauren Wright’s Pretty Handmades Book Showcase. I hope you’ve been following, or at least peeking in behind the scenes at all the gorgeous projects. Aren’t they absolutely stunning? Completely feel out of my league here, but when a sweet friend asks you to join in and making something pretty from her new first release.. you can’t turn it away. Lauren is an amazing talent. By now I’m sure you’ve all seen, or have a copy in hand of Lauren’s Pretty Handmades for Tuva Publishing. Oh. My Gosh. The cover draws you in, the pages are chalk full of adorable projects, and if you’ve already delved into it you know how easy the instructions are to follow. So well written. If that’s not enough, there are plenty of beautiful photos to flip through, as well as help you with your project. It’s amazing…

I mean, those few photos alone are enough to make you want to turn the page. She did such a wonderful job, it was hard choosing which project I really wanted to pursue. There’s that cute Honey Hive Stitchy Book above. Then there was the Busy Bee Pincushion I had started out with. You can never have too many pincushions laying around your work area. Then there’s that really adorable Lullaby Kitty Felt Doll …with her Sweet Dreams Sleeping Bag? So Cute! But I had one tugging at me the entire time. Ready? Here we go..

Yess, the Bloom Cushion Cover. This cutie was begging to be made. I never seem to have enough pillows to go around anyway, this was perfect. Now, I hadn’t hand-stitched in what felt like months, but this one just wouldn’t let go. So after I scrapped the first project, it happened. My fingers were already sore, and my time was running short. So what’s a girl to do? ping! I know this is an English paper pieced project, but I bet I can do this using my machine. Pff, easy! I’m a professional, I got this! I had convinced myself this was the best course of action. Can we all just pause for a second? First, I can epp with the best of them, so I should have stuck to it. Second, I’ve actually never, I mean NEVER, machine sewn Y-seams successfully. And Third, my time frame was already running short with at least two other projects I needed to finish within the week. However, I threw all caution to the wind, and dove right in… Go ahead. Just laugh out loud, because ..come on. Is this really the time you want to start experimenting with methods you have no real experience in? Think about it. What in the world was going through my head?!?? Geez.. Long story short. A week and half into it, gobbs & gobbs of threads and fabric pieces piled around my machine, and about a zillion pin-pricks later.. Success. Good Grief, I should have just hand sewn the pattern. So easy! But I’m never one to back down from a challenge you guys. Oh brother. Now that you have my little back story, let’s just sit back and admire this little miracle. Yes??..

..and a little detail work.. remind myself to stick to what I know best when I have lingering deadlines! ..I’m still chuckling. 😉 I used Elea Lutz Little Dolly fabric for the pieced floral medallion, backing, and binding. A beautiful ribbon tie from Daily Like Canada. As well as Lecien’s Cosmo Floss for the skipped stitched embroidery work.

The projects are so easy to follow, and beautiful makes! Just make sure you setup your challenges when your not on an important schedule. goodness.

Okay, thanks so much for stopping in, and sharing this experience with me. Don’t forget to click on the link for tomorrow’s project by my very sweet and amazingly talented friend, Minki Kim. She will not disappoint! If you’ve missed any of the previous posts, I have the lineup down at the bottom for you. Make sure you follow through because Lauren is going to be holding a wonderful giveaway on the 30th. Be sure to check it out! I hope I’ve inspired you to snag a copy for your very own! A huge Thank You to Lauren Wright of Molly and Mama for reaching out! Also to Tuva Publishing for make this opportunity possible!

Happy Sewing! 

xo, Veronica 


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Forget-Me-Not Project Tour

Hello and welcome. How are all the people in my sewing circle? Have you been sewing lots? I certainly have. Once Samy was off to 2nd grade, that was my cue to get going! If your new here, again welcome and feel free to stick around. All my info can be found in the tabs above. Click, read, subscribe, enjoy. I have so much to share with you all this month, so stay tuned. Promise it’s gonna be good!

Today I’ll be sharing the project I made using Tammie Green‘s cute Forget-Me-Not fabric collection for Riley Blake Designs. Have you had the chance to check out her new line? Well, I really think your going to love what you see. Your going to want to add this to your stash! Have a look…

So pretty, right? Here were my choices…

Oh those pinks! I love them so much. You’d think I would have sewn up all kinds of cute goodies with them, but alas, I felt a little blue. A cute blue kinda mood. Are you ready to see what I made? I started off with this block..

I was going to make lots of little log cabin blocks, but once I got started I couldn’t stop myself. How did I use this gorgeous block you ask? Well let me show ya.

I made one very pretty, very huge throw pillow. Do you love it??

For the quilting I did a basic straight stitch following the log cabin spiral, and ended with a cross stitch in the center.

The selvage was also just too good to resist. Rainbow flowers? Way pretty! A little wonder-under, some cotton ribbon, and a bow to top it all off.. …we’re good to go. Im telling ya. If this isn’t in your stash, or on its way home to you? It needs to be!

Huge Thank You going out to Tammie Green of Studio T.Green for asking me to take part in such a fun event! Thank You to the entire team over at Riley Blake Designs as well for all your help and hard work! And a humongous Thank You to all of you amazing people in our sewing community. Just because without your encouragement, I don’t know that I’d still be sewing away. I hope I’ve inspired you all today to run to your sewing machines. Have a wonderful weekend!


Happy Sewing!!
xo, Veronica


Arbor Blossom Blog Tour

Hey there! Thank you so much for stopping in. It’s my turn for Nadra Ridgeway‘s Blog Tour, and I’m so excited to finally share what I made. Long have I admired Nadra’s work and fabric collections. So I was absolutely honored when she asked me to be part of this. 

Today we’re looking at her current fabric collection, Arbor Blossom. Have you seen it? Have a looksy..

Sooo gorgeous. Now let me show you the selection I chose..

Ugh! To die for! I also chose Riley Blake‘s Le Cremè Swiss Dots as a background fabric in Hot Pink. Aren’t these florals just darling? Add dots and checkered floral hearts, what more could you want? Sooo beautiful, I couldn’t wait to make my project! Are you ready? Here we go!

Tada! The prettiest little mini quilt I’ve made to date. This cutie was inspired by a handsewn block I made awhile back using Japanese fabrics.

Don’t Nadra’s florals scream 30s Japanese fabric to you? Now the tiny block was completely handsewn, but the larger blocks were pieced together using my machine. Completely winged it here. I looked for a pattern, but gave up on the third day. I think I did pretty well don’t you?

The selvage was also soo pretty I had to use it in my project. The last thing was quilting it. I just love the look of quilted two inch squares. The texture is so fun to touch.

A little red cotton tape to hang this bad girl and ooooo! So cute.

Sooo pretty! Now if you haven’t picked these pretties up, I suggest getting on it! If you’ve missed any previous postes, here’s the line up..

6-12-2017 Heidi Staples

6-13-2017 Kim Kruzich

6-14-2017 LeAnne Ballard

6-15-2017 Allison Jensen

you are here –> 6-16-2017 Veronica AM

6-17-2017 Nadra Ridgeway

Oh! Make sure you follow the tour all the way to the end folks! Nadra has a little giveaway waiting for you on her end ;)! Don’t forget to leave me a little comment here. I always love hearing what you all think! My other social media links are in the About the Author tab up top, so have a look around.

One more…

Thank you for stopping in, and I really hope I’ve inspired you!
xo, Veronica


Molly and Mama

How’s it going out there? Hopefully you have been sewing up a storm! I, however, have been out of commission for a few weeks after being assaulted. Yes, you heard right. The culprit you ask? My rotary cutter, the evil adversary of the sewing community. If you haven’t already heard or don’t follow my IG account, that sucker hit the edge of my acrylic ruler, jumping over the top and catching my finger tip. Yikes!!! It was quite an ordeal as we rushed to UC and dealt with all the gory details. Not fun. Anyway, I’m now able to move my finger and every bump is nearly pain free, though it is a little stiff and a bit raw. But my finger is healing, and I can sew again!! Whoop!!! 

Let me share a little surprise I got from a very sweet friend! Do you know Lauren Wright of Molly and Mama? Yes? Fist Bump! No? You’ll want to! Well, I once posted the need for a little friend for my doll house shelf. Let me show you..

Cute right? Husbands can sometimes be the sweetest guys! You see that little attic space up there? That’s the perfect place for little friends, don’t you think? I’m obsessed with Maileg & Bunny Girl, have you heard of Maileg and Mini Bunny Girl? ..

Ugh, so adorable right?!?? Well until I decide which one I want, I thought a handmade friend would be great. Then my sweet friend Lauren offered up one of her Felted Bunnies. So we did a little swap! Ready?! Let me show you..

Tada! Isn’t it darling?? A sleeping baby Bunny, a carrot sleeping bag, a matchbox bed, blanket and pillow?? I’m dying! It’s just the loveliest little bunny! You can grab the pattern from the link here. She also sent over a pretty mini quilt..

Goodness! She is a serious talent. It’s just soo pretty! This is her Love Heart Mini Quilt! It’s a free tutorial on her blog. I have got to make one of these, once I get my act together ;-). Such a gorgeous package. Her patterns are so fun and whimsical. Check her out! 

I also have to share another little package I received from Michaelanne Neal, or known as zmama03 on IG..

Don’t you just love it?! She sent me a little mouse and mug rug! How cute is this mouse?!! I really love how fluffy it is, and those ears? Oh my gosh. Now I have two little friends for my doll house. I have to say, they’re getting along splendidly. And that mugrug is perfect! I know exactly where that’s going ;-). Thank You Michaelanne!

Well, I’m off to do a little brainstorming, and hopefully see some sewing action today! Meanwhile, I’ll be playing with my bunny & mouse. It is my first doll house you know. Thanks for stopping by & stay tuned ;-)!

..we might need some furnishings & a little fresh paint..
Happy Sewing!

xo, Veronica


Bunnies & Cream

Hey there. So, can you believe this fabric line by Lauren Nash? She had me at bunnies. When my package from Penny Rose Fabrics arrived, I could barely contain my excitement! Have you been following the tour? Then I’m sure you’ve already seen Lauren’s enchanting debut collection, but i can’t help myself. Let me show you her photo again..

Soo pretty and really soft. Really love how Lauren made her own fancy paper label. Crafty ;). It was so hard to choose from all these darlings, but in the end I had my favorites. Here are the ones I chose..

Florals, gingham, sweet bows, strawberries of course.. that cross-stitch print? Had to have it! Did you spot the gorgeous bunny selvage?

Mhm. Rainbow bunnies on this one. I’ll be saving that for something special.  It was so hard keeping this on the dl, but I did it. Now it’s my turn, and I’m so happy to show you what I’ve made! I really hope you like it. Are you ready to see my projects?  Here we go..

Eeee!.. So? What do you think?? I always get so nervous sharing my work. Anyway, sewing house shaped -well, anything -is something I’ve always wanted to try. They’ve always tugged at my heart strings, but I’ve never gotten around to making one. When I saw the Mamma Bunny in the kitchen, with her little apron on? Ping! The idea was instantaneous. I sketched, I poured over inspirational photos, I sketched some more. Once I had a plan, it all came together. My favorite part is adding all the details..

Like this fabric stamp. You know how I feel about strawberries. Love how perfect this line is for fussy cutting. This particular project was inspired by one of my favorite blogs. You can see it here. I think it’ll make a great place to put letters, recipes, note pads, lists, pens.. I love this little bun house.

I embroidered a little pink bunny above the smaller pocket. You can find the pattern here. Isn’t it cute?  Then I thought, why stop at one project. So i also created this..

This time I went with a storybook theme, and made a wall hanging with a neighborhood of houses. Each with its own picture window. Just so we could see what those elusive bunnies are up to.

I added the embroidered tag on the side and pretty white lace trim on the bottom. Some hand quilting using Perle no.8 floss on natural linen, and embroidered grass & tiny flowers with Como embroidery threads. Perfect gingerbread houses.

I’ve always loved gingerbread houses. Do you know the ones I’m talking about? The cute victorian type homes with lots of trim, steep roofs, window boxes, flower gardens and green grass, and little picket fences.

Yeah I’m a fairy-tale girl. Pink, magic, sweet forest animals, twirly dresses, tiaras. I grew up watching almost every Disney film and checking out books from the school library, dreaming of one day owning a sweet little home in the forest with my prince charming. Having a family of my very own.. I’d be baking cookies, watching them play in the garden.. all in my little charming gingerbread house. OH, back to what we were talking about! What’s better than a Mamma Bun in her sweet little kitchen burrow, baking cookies for her wee bunnies? Adorable. Are you gonna grab this fabric line? Because you really should if you haven’t.

Ahh, SO pretty. Perfect for these warm seasons coming up. I can see a few more projects in my future using these up.

Thanks so much for stopping by everyone. Huge hugs and thank yous’ to Lauren Nash of Transient Art, and the girls over at Riley Blake Designs for the opportunity to play with this endearing fabric line. Thanks so much girls! I really hope I’ve inspired you all today. Don’t forget to check out my Instagram and keep up with all my shenanigans, and come back again because I promise I have a lot more to share with you! As for the tour, Lauren will be finishing up tomorrow, so go over here to check it out. And just in-case you missed anything, here’s the lineup of the tour:

March 6 Faith Essenburg

March 7 Bridgette McNay

March 8 Elea Lutz

March 9 Taunja Kelvington

March 10 Veronica AM <- you are here

March 11 Lauren Nash


Happy Sewing!

xo, Veronica